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for Windows by Micah Lee


OnionShare is a great piece of software that allows you to create an anonymous FTP connection through the use of an onion routing layer. The great thing about this software is that it is completely free, and there is no cost associated with running the program. This means that anyone can download the program for free, install it onto their computer, and use it to easily and privately share large numbers of files across the Internet.

OnionShare allows you to safely and privately share a single file of any size with anyone else on the network without the need to utilize a third party file sharing protocol. It works by beginning a completely anonymous proxy server, which makes it available as a Tor anonymous web service, to connect to and download the files from anyone on the Internet. However, it also binds itself to each other users of the software app so that they all have access to each other's individual files at the same time. The end result is that anyone on the network has access to the same file at the same time, without worrying that other people are watching them or reading their files.

One of the great features of OnionShare is that it includes a cross-platform application that allows for both Mac and Windows operating systems to run the software. This cross-platform application also allows for users of Windows to control the software with the click of a button and to share files between their computers by connecting to the same anonymous FTP as everyone else on the network. Many people use OnionShare to share files and other information on the social networking site Twitter, while many others use the application to securely send money over the Internet. Whatever your use for OnionShare is, it's easy to find a free download of this popular and secure software app from the internet to enjoy securely online.

by Micah Lee
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